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About Our Holding

Various fields of activity

Adonis International Holding is a company with multi-purpose definitions in the fields of Trade, IT, Law, fund and Education. With the support of experts and extensive cooperation with reputable companies and centers in their fields of activity and the use of new methods, is engaged in activities and services to organizations and institutions.

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Our differences

Reason for Choosing Us

Commitment to work

Commitment is one of the most important characteristics of the staff. Interestingly, after signing the contract, commitment has increased in a special way.

Continuous follow-up

All the employers who have worked with us believe that after signing the contract, the number of receiving calls has increased after the contract.

Short time

Our most accurate time estimation will allow our dear employers to plan accurately. Our precise timing reflects our sensitivity to meeting our commitments on time.

Up-to-date knowledge

Our experienced staff will never be satisfied with their knowledge. every day, by reading the latest directives in all fields, are ready to provide the best quality of service.

Fields of Activity

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