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French District (Tbilisi)

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Apartments in the French region in Tbilisi, Georgia

A unique opportunity for investment and residency annual Georgia / only $ 35,000 the owner of a luxury residential units in the French region of Georgia to Tbilisi.

French neighborhood9 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستان

French Quarter 9 Special Sale of Apartments in French Quarter in Tbilisi, Georgia

At the beginning of 2018, French investors decided to create a kind of French residence. To implement the idea, Georgian and French architects have been invited.

A special team was hired to lead the project - the French region. The concept in which the residential complex is under construction is the creation of the famous modernist architect of the 21st century - Le Corbusier. It is believed that he is one of the authors of studio apartments.

His imagination of the modern city helps people overcome the stresses of the city, which reduces the habitat and increases new construction. Given that we chose to be in that city and at the same time, the green zone is close to nature.

During the development of the French region project, special attention was paid to the design of affordable apartments, spatial planning and recreational area arrangement.



Apartment prices and payment terms

With the direct investment of Holdings Adonis (the main link), prices are set at a discounted price.

Phone direct consultations in Georgia: - (00995) 596693000-596692000



French life and style

6 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستانThe name of the French region project was threatened by design elements used in recreational areas - street lighting, decoration, headlights, benches, and especially landscaping, which was designed in accordance with French cities.

In order to create a proper creation, it is not enough to focus only on the visual scene of the project. That's why we decided to focus on hearing and emotional flavors. Accordingly, we added a bakery and cafeteria project where you can eat delicious breakfast cereals, cryasanth and baguette. French music plays in street dynamics for those who walk in the streets every night. Do you think? Then you agree that life is great here

Affordable and small apartments

Most of the time spent on architectural engineering were affordable apartments, and as a result, it is possible to say that the benefits of French-area apartments are small and their flexible planning is between 35 and 70 square meters. You can unite 2 or more apartments. The apartments are offered as "white frames" and if desired, we offer interior designer services. The complex has 5 buildings and 1,069 apartments, including studios, double and triple rooms.


Comfortable, secure and multifunctional complex
4 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستان
The French region is located in an area of 30.000 square meters, most of which is designed for green. This area is decorated and protected with 24-hour security systems. Special attention is paid to the recreation area, namely the construction of the courtyard, the square and the stadiums. Together with the creation of beautiful gardens and parks, we are also responsible for cleaning the soil. In addition to residential, the complex includes commercial and office space. In addition, parking is for each family. Currently, Cervantes, Georgia-English-Spanish, is the GESS school in the French region, the most prestigious Tbilisi school.

Construction sector

French regional structures are made of integrated monolithic frames. The building frame represents a combination of fields, columns, diaphragms and integrated slabs on the floor. High quality formatting systems are used for sophisticated construction that provide maximum precision of vertical elements. The expertise of all regulatory provisions during complex construction is supported. Seismic structures are stable and lightning bars are included in the set.



The future is made here

10 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستان

If you are looking for a completely cheap house, away from urban noise and urban exhaust gases, in the green area, then congratulations! You have found it in the French region. The infrastructure of the complex allows you to spend time with your family and friends.











Playground1 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستان

A comfortable courtyard, fresh air, a large playground equipped with various entertainment for children in the center of the complex will wait. Our playgrounds help your children grow physically and become their favorite place.


Sports field

Here you can exercise your lifestyle. The French sports area allows you to play with your friends at any time for football, tennis and basketball.






Green Space
3 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستان
The special advantage of the French Green Zone is its fresh air. The entire range is naturally surrounded by trees, and the interior territory is green, and is specially designed for our inhabitants.











8 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستان Integrated environment

To spend your time, this area will be decorated with flowers and plants. The installed dynamics on the land allow you to enjoy beautiful French music, beautiful views and outdoors..










P5 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستانarking

1069 parking spaces are considered in this project. 371 of them are in the parking lot of three floors, the rest of 698 will be in the open air. Buying a private car park will cause you extra trouble and comfort for you in the French region.

Fitness Club and Sports Club

Your life in the French region will be more active. Fitness clubs feature modern and modern facilities in a sophisticated area.

Shopping center and pharmacy

Commercial spaces will be located on the first floor of the complex, where the market and pharmacy will be launched. The affordability of these facilities will allow you to calculate your daily needs without the need for the region's land.








kindergarten7 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستان

The French nursery is designed for 80 children and covers a total of 747.5 square meters. The territory of the open courtyard is 90 square meters. Assuring your child to professional caregivers allows you to work slowly throughout the day..










French bakery and cafe2 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستان

Near you, French bakeries and coffee shops create a good mood for you, here you can feel the delicious breakfast of coffee, crystals, baguette and French taste.












For other projects, please contact our advisers at 00995-596692000-596693000.


Apartments in the French region in Tbilisi, Georgia

9 فروش ویژه آپارتمان در محله فرانسوی در تفلیس گرجستان