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Sectors in Education Industry

The education industry is divided up into four sectors, which all have their own roles and functions. Each of the sectors caters to a growing demand for cutting-edge education products and services. Each category has distinct market segments, all of which are defined in this article below. For learners to understand the dynamics of the education industry, having a clear picture of the industry is crucial. This understanding will help in researching education companies, determining a career path, and even exploring potential employers.

Definition of the Education Industry:

The education industry can be described as the collection of organizations and businesses that provide products and services aimed at enhancing the quality of education in society. The education industry plays an increasingly important role in supporting public education by meeting the demand for products and services that both complement basic education services and supplement their underlying goals. The industry is defined by four main categories:

  1. Schools/ Service Providers: – Providing Elementary and Secondary Education, Alternative/Special Education Services, Education Management Organizations, Charter Schools, Virtual Schools, and Proprietary Schools.
  2. Supplemental Education Service Providers: Providing Higher Education, Vocational Education, Learning Centers, Tutoring Services and Assessment Services.
  3. Educational Products & Services Sector: Production and supply of educational material and products including Educational Products, Publishing, and Supplemental Products.
  4. Education Support Services Sector: – Providing support and ancillary services to the education industry including Education Consultants, Education Information and Research, Education Investment Services, Education Policy Specialists, and Technology Services.